3 Mentionable Moments from CX Online Summit 2017

CX Online Summit 2017 is a wrap! Thank you to all of you who tuned in. We hope you left just as inspired by the content as we were in creating it.

There were so many valuable moments in each segment, but I have chosen a few of my favorites to highlight:

1. JD Nyland and Joel Diamond on the Importance of Ease

When it comes to providing any variable in the CX equation, the easier it is to contribute, the better. During their demonstration of exciting InMoment technology, JD Nyland and Joel Diamond showed how features like speech-to-text and video feedback add ease to the CX optimization process. The goal of features like these, JD said, was “[to enable] customers to use the devices they have to give feedback whenever they want. Wherever they might be.”

2. Andrew Park on Socializing for Success

As we all know, customer feedback and the insights it provides are no good when they only exist in one corner of an organization. They can only do their job when they are distributed to every employee with emphasized importance.

In his segment, Andrew Park outlined the components of a successful CX program and his top tips for socializing insights, beginning with the truism, “the whole company needs to know the value of these insights, and to do that, CX must be part of the conversation.” For Andrew, socializing CX intelligence arms employees with insights which in turn creates a true CX culture.

3. CEO Andrew Joiner on the Bright Future of CX

My final highlight comes from our CEO, Andrew Joiner, who took a moment to look into the future of customer experience. He believes CX is destined to become the next big technology trend. Why? Andrew answered this question saying, “We all have customers. If we listen to them, we know we can service them better and they’ll buy more product from us. [CX] technology guides organizations to do that.” This gets at the very core of why we do what we do here at InMoment: We truly believe that positive customer experiences create success, and therefore every moment matters. Understanding the why and how of each moment unlocks that success, and CX technology is the key.


As you can tell, this year’s CX Online Summit had a lot to offer. To learn more about the future of CX and get best practices that will help you improve the customer experience in your own organization, join us in person for our CX Elevated conference!

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