9 Reasons to Attend CX Elevated 2018

Here at InMoment, we are gearing up for CX Elevated 2018 this February! We are so excited for this year’s event, as we know that this is an incredible opportunity for anyone, anywhere in their CX journey.

It is our goal to have each of our attendees leaving with the best, most actionable information to inspire their CX efforts. In other words, we want there to be no doubt in your mind that you weren’t just treated to an event with lights and entertainment, but that you gained real value from the sessions, speeches, and stories presented.

With all we have planned, we are confident CX Elevated 2018 will do just that. Here are nine reasons to attend!

1. Update from Our CEO

At this year’s CX Elevated, you will hear from InMoment CEO Andrew Joiner as he discusses his vision for the company, our products, and the customer experience industry as a whole.

2. Hands-on Workshops

The best way to learn is by doing, and we want attendees to discover the path to CX success in the best way possible. This year, we will offer hands-on workshops as part of the conference to give you the opportunity to not only see but experience the techniques and practices that will improve your customer experience.

3. Salt Lake City, Capital of the Silicon Slopes

InMoment headquarters is located in one of the most beautiful places with some of the best snow on earth. We’re proud of this city and would love to show our attendees all of the great things Salt Lake City has to offer, from dining and shopping to the great outdoors.

4. Client-Led Breakout Sessions

There is nothing more valuable than experience, and our customers have gained incredible insights along their CX journeys. In our client-led breakout sessions, you will have the chance to hear from our clients as they share their stories and advice for the best possible customer experience.

5. Networking

CX Elevated is a gathering of CX professionals, program experts, and people who are striving to optimize their organization’s customer experience. This conference offers an excellent opportunity to get to know other like-minded individuals and use those conversations to take new ideas back to your own organization.

6. Role-Specific Tracks

We know that different roles see different opportunities in improving the customer experience, so this year we will be introducing role-specific tracks for our breakout sessions. There will be specific tracks for executive, strategic, and practitioner attendees to make sure the themes and information is perfectly tailored for you.

7. Snow Day

We already mentioned Utah’s incredible snow, but we haven’t mentioned how we intend to get you out in it. Snow Day is a chance for attendees to process all the valuable information they learn during conference— and have a little fun, too. Snow Day includes food, shopping, tours and, of course, snow!

8. Bigger and Better Venue

Last year’s CX Elevated was such a success, and this year’s conference promises to be even better and bigger— literally! We have moved this year’s conference to the beautiful Grand America Hotel in SLC to accommodate this growing event.

9. Keynote Speaker Malcolm Gladwell

We are honored to have five-time bestselling New York Times author Malcolm Gladwell delivering our keynote speech. As one of TIME magazine’s 100 most influential people, we are ecstatic to hear his musings on customer experience and its future!


These are only a few of the stand out elements that make CX Elevated such an incredible, inspiring event, but don’t just take our word for it. Register today and experience CX Elevated 2018 for yourself!

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