CX Day 2021: Three Stories that Prove CX Is a Team Sport

You know that old saying, “There’s no ‘I’ in ‘team’?” Well, there may be an “I” in “customer experience,” but there’s no arguing that customer experience is definitely a team sport. 

That’s why we’re so happy to celebrate this year’s CX Day theme, “CX is a team sport.” In our decades of experience, we’ve been a part of countless CX programs, and the most successful ones go into their efforts with a team-centric mentality. And this doesn’t just include the team that is directly over the customer experience either. These CX rockstars build cross-functional CX teams that include stakeholders from across the company. They involve their frontline employees and make sure they have that CX team spirit. They make sure that every CX initiative is in line with the greater team’s (aka the business) goals. 

There are so many examples of how teamwork makes the dream work when it comes to customer experience, but it all really boils down to the fact that every person in the organization acknowledges that they have a part to play when it comes to providing memorable, positive, and impactful experiences for customers. 

As a part of our celebration this year, we’re sharing three stories of some incredible brands that have proved that “CX is a team sport.” We hope you enjoy them!

  1. Harvard Pilgrim Health Care
  2. Primark
  3. Foot Locker

Story #1: Harvard Pilgrim Health Care

In the midst of a company merger, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care came together as a CX team to take an honest look at their existing strategy, what they wanted to improve, and what their ideal program would look like. With the help of their success team at InMoment, they were able to map out a path that guaranteed success both in the short and long term. 

Watch the video below to hear the full story from Harvard Pilgrim’s VoC Program and Strategy Lead, Tiffany DaSilva!

Story #2: Primark

With over 400 stores in thirteen countries across Europe and, most recently, America, the CX team at Primark has to have the latest insights to meet its goal of providing the best product for the best price—and creating the best customer experiences. 

Since partnering with InMoment, Primark is able to understand what brings their customers back time and time again and also what improvements need to be made to encourage customers to shop more. 

Watch the video below to hear from Phil Clarke, Analytics and Reporting Manager at Primark, as he explains how Primark’s global team is able to quickly leverage feedback to understand their customers and take actions to improve future shopping experiences!

Story #3: Foot Locker

Foot Locker needs their entire team to know the CX playbook in order to deliver a seamless experience to their customers in store, on app, and online. That’s why they leverage InMoment’s XI Platform to deliver the intelligence they need to the right people at the right time in order to give Sneakerheads the retail experience they crave—and keep them coming back.

In this video, you’ll hear from the Director of Customer Experience, Tyler Saxey, as he talks about his CX team and their goal of keeping the customer at the heart of everything they do!

We hope you and your CX team have had a wonderful CX Day! Here’s to many more inspiring, motivating, and memorable celebrations in the years to come. 

Want to hear more experience stories from our rockstar clients? Check out our customer stories page for success stories, videos, and more!

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