From Knowing to Doing: 6 Action Steps for Experience Transformation

Don’t just experience the experience transformation: own it. And if real transformation is what you’re after, you’ll need to turn metrics into meaningful and strategic CX actions. Our latest eBook, “How to Go Beyond CX Insights and Take Action: 6 Action Steps for Experience Transformation” guides you on everything from feedback to insights, insights to intelligence, intelligence to action, and action to transformation. 

Here are six crucial action steps outlined in the eBook that detail how you can own the customer experience transformation. 

#1: Get the right reports

Work smarter, not harder. 

Gathering data is an essential step for nearly all businesses, but it’s not enough to transform your organization. Not all data is good data—and to ensure your company is moving forward, you need the right reporting tools to complement your customer experience strategy. You don’t have to be a data expert, but with the right templates and reports, you can turn metrics into insights that produce meaningful change.

#2: Include third-party information 

Feedback is everywhere. Use it.

Technology never stops evolving and as a result, customer feedback takes various shapes. With social media commanding the attention of nearly all generations, your approach to data collection must be extensive. It’s imperative to implement tools that break down social data and deliver integrated insights to you in a variety of dashboards, reports, and apps. This enables you to take action to address unhappy customers, and get ahead of your competition.

#3. Proactively monitor the impact of campaigns on your CX

Understand the big picture, faster.

Businesses—no matter how big or small—constantly introduce new initiatives, leadership, campaigns, or policies. With all this noise, it can be difficult to ideate, complete, and understand the impact of projects. How can you address this challenge head on? Work to continuously monitor specific issues, and their impact on key metrics. By tracking, A/B testing and improving campaigns,  you can better understand the big picture to more quickly determine what’s working, and what isn’t. 

#4. Resolve issues quickly

Control the entire customer lifecycle.

Negative customer feedback can be valuable. One of the most important actions your CX program can take is to respond to negative feedback quickly and efficiently. But with a massive amount of data to sift through, addressing all negative feedback on your own might not be feasible. Linking up with intelligent tools, like InMoment’s case management system, gives you more control over your case list. That means your company can address things in order of importance to quickly solve everyday issues.

#5. Train your employees efficiently

Use data to empower your staff. 

Give your employees the tools to succeed. With the right intelligence program, you can leverage customer feedback to train your employees. Robust coaching applications equip local managers with simple, procedural steps to solve service and satisfaction concerns in a quick and efficient fashion. With advanced data science in your corner, your company can take the employee experience to the next level—an action with rewards that will trickle down to the rest of your company.

#6. Prove the effectiveness of your actions

Justify the importance of your CX program.

How many times has your organization implemented projects that fall off the map? Often, it’s not the fault of those responsible for the project, but rather the lack of ability to determine and analyze the conclusions. Data-ingesting experience tools, like our XI Platform, can turn CX initiative data into intelligent and easy-to-understand insights for long-term, meaningful change. This intelligence helps gain the trust of higher-ups, which in turn leads to more business initiative freedom down the road. 

When companies combine data insights with action, everyone wins. The right intelligence platform works in unison with capable employees for a fully formed CX strategy that produces a transformative impact for customers, employees, and the business itself. 

You’ve collected the data, now what? Download our eBook, “How to Go Beyond CX Insights and Take Action: 6 Action Steps for Experience Transformation” to learn more today. 

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