How 3 Brands Are Actively Improving Customer Experiences

Be honest: what do you think of when you hear someone is “managing” something? Is a person performing a task well if they are just “managing” it? Or are they barely keeping their heads above water? That’s why at InMoment, we have done away with simple experience management and have fully embraced Experience Improvement (XI)!

The truth is, simply managing experiences isn’t enough. You need the right combination of valuable data, effective technology, and human expertise. Not only that, but you need to understand where and how you can take action to actually improve your experience—and your bottom line.

Curious what Experience Improvement looks like? Here are three brands who have it down to a science:

Foot Locker

Techtronic Industries (TTI)


Interested in Improving Customer Experiences?

Improving customer experiences is why InMoment was created. Learn more about our approach here!

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