The Future of Customer Experience: Why You Should Widen Your Perspective to Experience Intelligence

The world of customer experience (CX) is constantly changing. CX professionals are always on the lookout for the latest and the greatest way to approach their customers, gain insights from their customer data, and leverage those insights in a way that will help improve experiences as well as the bottom line.

So what do CX professionals need to change in order to be ready for the future of feedback?

It’s simple: companies need to broaden their view from a CX-only focus, and embrace the “experience ecosystem.”  

CX has never existed in a vacuum. There’s an entire experience ecosystem that impacts and contains signals about customers’ relationships with brands: employees, products, and services—as well as the competition.

Contextual information from digital behaviors, operational data, audit data, and marketing technologies and analytics also play a role.  Combine this with the fact that experiences today are spoken, shared, lived, recorded, clicked and even socialized, and understanding your customers’ experiences gets pretty complex.

Given the speed at which customer experience is evolving, you might be surprised to hear that most vendors are approaching this brave new world with traditional survey processing technologies.

Why does it matter? Our CTO David Joiner explains it like this:  “Applying an older relational data technology approach to today’s complex experience data problem is like trying to stream live media through an 8-track tape.”

InMoment’s new Experience Intelligence (XI) Platform has a modern technology stack with data science at the core, allowing us to store, retrieve, and put the right analytics lenses to literally any type of data that will add meaningful intelligence to your understanding.

The XI Clouds:  The XI Platform also seamlessly unites three critical perspectives from the experience ecosystem in the Customer Experience (CX), Employee Experience (EX), and Market Experience (MX) clouds.  Because they’re connected at the foundation, users can share between and beyond each cloud, promoting a more comprehensive view of the business, collaboration, and much smarter action. More on the new XI Clouds in our next blog.  

Want to learn more about the XI Platform? Check out the press release!

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Meghan Mitton VP, Solutions Marketing

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