The Nature of the Customer

Understanding your customers can be a difficult task. No one would blame you for feeling like they’re not always on your side. The truth, though, is that customers are actually quite positive and helpful by nature.

Customers are people who have chosen to “consume” your product or your service. They have already invested in your offering and gained some value from you, for which they are often thankful. They are not coming at you as a neutral third party; they are coming from the perspective of knowledge and connection.

Turn That Frown Upside Down

In our recent CX Trends report, we asked organizations to share their perception of how much negative feedback they receive from customers versus positive feedback. Our results showed that there is a disconnect between brand and consumer perception.

Of the brands surveyed, we found that their perception of customers leaned toward negativity. In reality, the numbers reported by consumers skewed toward the positive.

The CX Glass Is Full

Now that you know your customers are your friends, it’s time to view the CX glass as half full instead of half empty.

Positive customer comments can help your organization satisfy and retain customers. Identifying the voice of the customer can help you move beyond a solely reactive approach to a more effective proactive one. This strategy will align your brand’s perception of customer sentiment with reality.

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