Experience Exchange

Accelerating ROI Through Integrated CX in Retail with Foot Locker

25 April 2024
12:00pm GMT / 1:00pm CET

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Unleashing Retail Success Through Integrated CX With Guest Speaker Foot Locker

Join our upcoming virtual Experience Exchange, an exploration of “Accelerating ROI Through Integrated CX in Retail”, Discover how integrated customer experience (CX) affects measurable returns on investment (ROI) in retail in this enlightening roundtable event!

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Gain invaluable insights from Alejandro Carci, Senior Manager of Voice of the Customer EMEA & APAC at Foot Locker. Learn firsthand how Foot Locker, a global retail powerhouse, leverages CX to redefine industry standards. Discover how their CX team translates customer signals into actionable steps, fostering both satisfaction and loyalty, ultimately driving ROI and growth.
  • Explore upcoming trends and industry insights with renowned expert Derek Eccleston, XI Advisor, InMoment.
  • Engage in a dynamic panel discussion alongside industry experts and leading retail brands. Together, we’ll navigate the methodologies and challenges involved in maximising CX ROI in retail.

Key Takeaways:

  • Application of Integrated CX – Stronger Signals, Richer Insights and Smarter Actions: Explore best methods to incorporate a seamless integration of CX strategies and their direct influence on delivering ROI. 
  • ROI Unveiled: Gain insights into what steps to take to gain tangible returns not only within CX but across the entire organisation.
  • End-to-End Customer Journey: Delve into a comprehensive examination of the customer journey. Understand how integrated CX influences each stage and embrace the power of a holistic perspective to elevate satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Increasing Sales Through Integrated CX: Explore proven methodologies to enhance retail sales by harmonising integrated CX strategies with overarching business objectives.

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Your Speakers

Alejandro Carci
Senior Manager of Voice of the Customer EMEA & APAC

Alejandro has established a high reputation in the Retail industry. Working at Foot Locker for nearly 12 years, he has successfully managed and led teams in various retail environments, consistently exceeding Sales targets and fostering positive customer experiences now from a Global perspective.

Headshot of Derek Eccleston XI Consultant at InMoment

Derek Eccleston
XI Advisor

Derek Eccleston has been with InMoment’s EMEA XI Advisor team for 7 years and brings a wealth of experience within CX and related industries, having previously held a Board position at eDigitalResearch, Research Director at Harris Interactive and prior to that roles at Sony Europe and Gartner based in Paris. As an XI Advisor, he develops and implements best practice, adds value and direction to some of the world’s leading, award winning CX programmes across sectors as diverse as automotive, B2B and financial services. His mantra is ‘Stronger signals, richer insights and smarter actions’.

Zoe Diggins
Sales Director EMEA

Zoe works with customers across the EMEA region to demonstrate why InMoment is the leading holistic CX, EX and MX platform and delivers the fastest time to value through our combination of technology and expert services.

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