Cultivating a Successful CX Programme with a Compact Team and Budget Constraints

28 March 2024
11:00am GMT – 12:00pm GMT

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Navigating Limited Resources

We’re excited to introduce a new series of events tailored just for you, our valued customers. Within this exclusive setting, we aim to uphold our CX community philosophy, delving into the diverse challenges many of you encounter, fostering idea sharing, and igniting inspiration.

As a CX leader, your mission is to invigorate and expand the existing voice of customer programme. While the executive team might fully support your initiatives, the challenge lies in managing the CX team with just yourself and a small team. How can you effectively engage the entire organisation and ensure the success of your CX programme amid resource constraints?

Join Charlie West, XI Advisor at InMoment, in our virtual Masterclass. Engage in an insightful discussion where we explore strategies to gain traction across the business and maximise the potential of your CX programme using a federated approach, all within the limitations of your resources.

Key Takeaways:

  1. How to establish your CX team as a center of excellence for your business, developing distributed capabilities and tools.
  2. How to coordinate CX efforts throughout your organization, setting goals and crafting effective strategies.
  3. How to distribute skills and foster a customer-centric approach across your business.

Sign up today and uncover innovative approaches, practical tips, and proven techniques that empower you to create a lasting impact on customer experience, even with a small team and a modest budget.

About our speaker:

Charlie West is an XI Advisor at InMoment. In her role Charlie advises our clients on how to build excellence in their CX programmes, how to engage with their internal teams and how to build value for their businesses and their customers.

In her varied role, Charlie covers a range of responsibilities, including CX best practices and the development of insights to enable customers to bring the voice of the customer to their businesses, advocating customer needs and providing meaningful insights.

Prior to joining InMoment, Charlie led the Global Customer Experience Programme at Dyson for five years. During her time, she expanded the CX programme across 30 countries, establishing customer listening channels and reporting platforms to deliver actionable insights to the organisation.

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