[Webinar] Metro Bank’s Mission to Create Fans, not Customers


Metro Bank's Mission to Create Fans, not Customers

16 November 2023
12:00 pm GMT

Are you ready to disrupt the market with your customer experience strategy? Metro Bank is here to show you how!

Metro Bank is rewriting the rules of banking to create an environment where customers become loyal fans. Join this webinar and find out first hand how their innovative approach is changing the banking industry.

Join us for a captivating webinar where we dive into Metro Bank’s journey of putting the customer at the very heart of their organisation. Gain an insider’s perspective on Metro Bank’s innovative approach to understanding their customers on a profound level.

In this exclusive and captivating webinar, Alex and Lauren will: 

  • Provide an overview of Metro Bank’s mission to change the way Britain banks. 
  • Dive into Metro Bank’s journey of putting the customer at the very heart of their organisation, fostering a culture that turns customers into fans.
  • Show you how their small but mighty CX team is reinventing the way their employees and call-centre agents are gaining a deeper level of understanding of their customers.
  • Share how to create a customer centric culture that enables all colleagues to provide a consistently excellent customer experience.

Sign up today and be on your way to creating FANS, not just customers, in your own business!

About Our Speakers:

Alex Morton, Lead Customer Experience Manager, Metro Bank

Lauren Dalglish, Head of Customer Experience, Metro Bank

Alex is passionate about putting the customer at the heart of product and service design and customer experience. Lauren is known for her passion in building and sustaining a culture within Metro Bank that creates FANS, not customers. As CX leaders, they are committed to delivering great experiences every step of the way – whether it’s in person, over the phone, online, or via an app.

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