Transform Your Contact Centre Experience with Cutting-Edge AI Analytics

18 June 2024
2:00pm GMT / 3:00pm CET

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Are you fully harnessing the insights held within the conversations your agents are having with your customers? Discover how the latest AI techniques can speed up your ability to coach agent performance, and appraise call quality against your own Brand’s criteria

Contact centres are at the heart of customer experience improvement. Yet, when data is scattered across multiple systems, identifying and implementing improvements becomes a daunting task, risking both customer and agent satisfaction. 

Join us for a captivating webinar Transform Your Contact Centre Experience  with Cutting-Edge AI Analytics with Jeremy Griffiths, XI Advisor at InMoment and Evelin Kremer, Director Solution Consulting at InMoment. This webinar will explore how advanced analytics and data integration can  unlock deeper insights to enable significant improvements in contact centre experience:

  1. Beyond Post-Call Surveys: Harness integrated signal capture, including call transcripts, chat logs, IVR data, agent notes, and survey responses, to gain a holistic view of customer interactions and a complete Voice of Customer (VoC) picture.
  2. Emerging Issues & Proactive Resolutions: Discover how award-winning AI and NLP can surface and track emerging themes and quality assurance issues, enabling proactive resolutions across channels to enhance customer experiences and loyalty.
  3. Predictive Impact: Combine advanced analysis tools with expert guidance to prioritise actions and predict the business impact of improvement initiatives.
  4. Real Time Insights: Better inform your agent coaching to enable improved call resolution, agent engagement and reduced agent churn.

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Learn from industry experts about the latest trends and technologies in contact centre analytics.


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Gain practical tips to improve your contact centre’s performance and customer satisfaction.


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