Start the Integrated CX Revolution by Capturing the Strongest Signals

15 February 2024
2:00pm GMT / 3:00pm CET

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Amplify Your Customer Voices Across All Channels!

Imagine harnessing 100% of your customer voices—not just a mere 15%. The reality is, most CX leaders miss out on a staggering 85% of valuable customer data that lives in other teams, systems, and silos.

Businesses often take a fragmented CX approach, making it hard to track customer behaviour across different channels and difficult to not just identify, but prioritise opportunities for improvement.

CX needs to be a fully integrated transformative business strategy that aligns the organisation. When done right, it’s proven to generate long-term, predictable business growth—to the tune of 2.4x higher revenue and 2x profitability. That’s where InMoment comes in. The market requires a simpler way, and that’s what we were built for. It really is as easy as one, two, three: Strongest Signals. Richest Insights and Smartest Actions. Our upcoming webinar series is your ticket to unlocking the power of Integrated CX, starting with Strongest Signals.

Join InMoment’s product experts Simon Fraser, VP Customer Experience Strategy, and Tom Boylan, Solution Consultant in our first session, and discover how you can:

  • Build on and go beyond surveys, to include digital and non-digital channels such as website, in-store, social, reviews, chat logs, and bring all these perspectives into one place.
  • Start to add unsolicited feedback to that solicited feedback.
  • Incorporate the biggest contact channel – call centre and chat transcriptions.
  • Bring all your social ratings and reviews into one programme.Tap into complaints and compliments data.
    Connect a volume of customer signals outside of surveys alone.

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