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Welcome to our exclusive interactive Masterclass series tailored just for you, our valued customers. 

Let’s shape the future of CX together

We know many of you encounter similar challenges not only in your day-to-day operations but also in your ongoing pursuit of long-term CX impact and consequently, business performance. As such, we’d like you to consider us an extension of your CX team, in supporting you to overcome those challenges. 

We’ve been listening to you and we’re dedicated to upholding our CX community philosophy by addressing the diverse challenges you face, fostering collaborative idea sharing, and hopefully sparking inspiration.

To this end, we’ll be running a series of interactive sessions to share best practices that we’ve learned from our broad range of customers and help you address the challenges you are facing.

Next Up – 31 May 2024 – Shifting Signals: How To Move Beyond Surveys to Understand Customers who Refrain from Providing Feedback
With the rapid evolution of customer experience (CX), traditional survey-based feedback is no longer the sole source of customer insights. While surveys remain relevant, they are now complemented by other, faster-growing sources of data. It’s time to re-evaluate your toolbox to optimise both cost and effectiveness.

Join us for our Customer Masterclass on 31st May, where we will explore the shift in how brands are collecting and integrating data from multiple sources to gain a more holistic view of their customers.

In this interactive session, we will jointly discuss with you:

  • How modern businesses are adapting to a new reality where customer insights come from a blend of surveys, social media listening, online reviews, and other feedback mechanisms.
  • How businesses blend these signals for deeper, richer insights.
  • How to re-assess platform toolkits to establish one single view of the customer reducing data silos.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from industry experts, gain insights into best practices, and find out how to make the most of the tools you have. Join us for a deep dive into the changing dynamics of customer feedback and how to stay ahead.

Please note: This event will not be recorded, so don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity.

Future Schedule of Events

  1. 31 May – Shifting Signals: How To Move Beyond Surveys to Understand Customers who Refrain from Providing Feedback
  2. 28 Juni – Stakeholder Engagement
  3. 26 July -Industry Trends Impacting CX

Topics include:

  1. Effective management of small CX teams
  2. Navigating stakeholder expectations and securing management support for continuous investment
  3. Analysing industry trends and their implications on Experience Management
  4. Demonstrating the value of your CX programme
  5. Insights into understanding customers who refrain from providing feedback

Why join?

By joining our customer community you will: 

  1. Access invaluable resources and expertise through interactive sessions, case studies, and discussions
  2. Learn best-in-class methods and frameworks for CX transformation
  3. Acquire actionable strategies to elevate your CX programme
  4. Engage in collaborative learning to discover novel approaches for improving customer experience, satisfaction, and loyalty
  5. Network with like-minded professionals and industry experts

How it works:

  • We host masterclasses on the last Friday of each month.
  • Register once to secure your spot for all upcoming events.
  • Upon registration, you’ll receive a confirmation email along with a calendar invite for all future masterclasses.
  • We will inform you of upcoming topics.
  • Implement the insights gained to enhance your XI programme

Sign up today and embark on a journey of growth and success with us.

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