InMoment for Reputation Management

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Did you know that more than 25% of a brand’s market value is attributed to its reputation? (Deloitte)

InMoment for Reputation Management offers a purpose-built, outcome-focused solution. It merges ReviewTrackers’ cutting-edge review management, customer feedback, and business insight technology with InMoment’s CX optimisation platform. This combined solution empowers you to listen and engage with customers, regardless of where they share their feedback. It’s designed to help you monitor, review, and translate customer inputs into actionable strategies for an enhanced overall experience.

Download our solution brief to find out how InMoment can help your organisation Proactively manage and improve your business reputation, by including:

  • Fully Realised Value and Enhanced Customer Experience
  • User-Friendly and Swift Adoption Solution
  • Unmatched Data Accuracy
  • Integrated Insights: Merging Reviews and Voice of Customer (VoC)
  • Continuous Commitment to Integrated CX

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The landscape of online searches has evolved. People don’t just seek information; they want to know where they can find it, its proximity, and its credibility, all tied to specific geographic locations.

Download our comprehensive guide today to see how you can improve your brand’s online presence as well as the search visibility of your business locations!

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