Managing Director, EMEA

Stephan Thun

As a strategic leader, Stephan has brought disparate country organizations together to build an effective international machine. Using his innate entrepreneurial style, Stephan has delivered phenomenal results that resulted in unparalleled growth from the start.

Prior to his new role, Stephan was responsible for the Maritz international business encompassing Europe and Asia Pacific. Early in his career, Stephan was an editorial journalist and consultant for a global consulting firm before he founded BASIS-KONTAKT, a successful German research company that was later acquired by Maritz in 2000. He continued to work as managing director in Germany before he took over responsibility for all of Europe in 2008 and additionally for Asia Pacific in 2011.

Stephan is a regular speaker on global industry events and has published dozens of articles related to the future of international business in research, marketing, and customer experience management. Stephan holds a master’s degree in business administration.

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