Non-Buyer Data

Collecting and understanding non-buyer data is extremely valuable, but can be challenging. That’s why InMoment provides a variety of methods for obtaining this feedback. We do by creatively collecting feedback from different segments of the non-buyer population at a variety of points in their journey.

Gather Feedback at the Point of Interaction

Often understanding why a customer didn’t purchase can teach you more than those who did. By introducing an outlet for feedback at your brand’s locations—through in-store kiosks, geolocation, and beacons—you can gather feedback from all customers: buyers and non-buyers alike.

Uncover In-the-Moment Insights with Mobile Surveys

The mobile experience is an important one, and it’s critical that clients have good tools to gather feedback from potential customers within this environment. Our mobile surveys allow for unobtrusive engagement with those who were in the process of making a purchase but didn’t follow through. For example, a survey can be triggered when a potential customer has had an item sitting in their cart for a specified amount of time.

Get Loyalty Feedback through Your Brand’s Mobile App

Your most loyal customers interact with you on a variety of platforms. They’re also worth more than single-shop customers. Getting their feedback on why they didn’t purchase can be difficult. At InMoment, we seamlessly integrate with your brand’s mobile application so you can ask timely questions about why your most loyal customers did or did not buy.

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