Empathica Announces Partnership with Leading Australian Market Research Firm

DBM Consultants Brings Extensive Domain Expertise to Deliver World-Class Customer Experience Management Capabilities for Multi-Unit Retailers

Toronto, Canada and Melbourne, Australia – January 1, 2009 – Empathica Inc., a leading provider of Customer Experience Management (CEM) programs to some of the world’s most respected brands, announced today that it has signed an agreement with DBM Consultants to extend its market reach and enable Australian service organisations to take advantage of Empathica’s CEM products.

Under the new partnership, DBM Consultants, one of the leading market research companies in Australia with five of the top ten private and public sector organizations on its client roster, will implement and support Empathica’s customer survey and analytics, and employee engagement survey offerings throughout the Australian multi-unit multi-touch point servicing industry.

The agreement is effective immediately and enables DBM Consultants to empower Australian organisations such as foodservice brands, retail banking institutions, and other multi-unit based organizations to exploit the proven customer satisfaction measurement methodologies and technologies that Empathica has developed and deployed for more than seven years.

“By partnering with Empathica, DBM Consultants will be able to turn the tremendous opportunity for our clients to improve customer satisfaction levels and forge long-lasting, engaging relationships with their customers into reality,” said Dhruba Gupta – Managing Director. “By working with Empathica to deliver end-to-end Customer Experience Management solutions, we will provide significant and tangible value to our clients,” Dhruba continued.

In the current economic downturn, retailers around the world are looking to capitalize on the opportunities presented by technologies that help increase customer satisfaction. Despite the obstacles, leading retailers are leveraging customer surveys, analytics, and business intelligence technologies to persevere. In fact, according to a recent Aberdeen Research benchmark study, entitled Customer Feedback Management: Mind if I ask you a few questions? organizations that deploy best-in-class CEM programs are eight times more likely to improve overall customer satisfaction and an astonishing 26 times more likely to improve customer retention levels than so-called laggards.(1)

“Since Empathica was founded in 2001, we’ve taken a collaborative approach with our clients and as a result we have learned a great deal about what drives customer satisfaction, loyalty and increased sales,” said Mike Amos, CEO and Founder of Empathica. “We’re thrilled about our partnership with DBM Consultants and the opportunity to share our collective knowledge, expertise and systems with Australian service providers. I am confident that DBM Consultants will be highly successful in allowing their clients to take full advantage of Empathica’s solutions that enable retailers to ‘listen to the voice of the customer’ and implement operational changes that have proven to drive repeat business and growth for our clients,” Amos continued.
The partnership will extend Empathica’s reach into the rapidly growing market for CEM and enhance its global market share for customer feedback, analysis and intelligence products.

About DBM Consultants
Founded in 1992, DBM Consultants is one of the largest market research firms in Australia in terms of revenue and year-over-year growth. Serving clients in eight countries, DBM Consultants focuses on helping organizations optimize operations across retail, telecommunications, media, energy and utilities, banking, and airline industries as well as governments at all levels. DBM has specialist expertise in designing and executing CEM programs and has had long term engagements in some of the largest studies of this type in the Australian and New Zealand markets for leading service providers.

DBM Consultants conducts research throughout 30 countries and in 16 languages to deliver evidence based insights that support decisions on pricing, priority target marketing, new product development, customer experience initiatives, branding, advertising and other critical business areas. DBM is an independent Australian agency with over 70 research and support staff backed by an operations team of over 400. The head office is in Melbourne.

For more information, please visit DBM Consultants at www.dbmcons.com.au or call +1 61 3 9819 1555.


(1). Aberdeen Research Customer Feedback Management, Jeff Zabin, July 2008 (www.aberdeen.com)

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