Empathica to Participate in Shopper Insights in Action Conference 2011

This year’s Shopper Insights in Action will highlight the importance of understanding what drives consumer shopping in a time of economic uncertainty.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada – July 07, 2011 – Empathica Inc., a leading provider of Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions to more than 200 of the world’s most respected brands, today announced that it will participate in the Shopper Insights in Action Conference 2011 taking place July 11–13 at the Swissotel in Chicago.

The leading retail conference, which boasts more than 100 speakers, 70 sessions and various networking events for attendees from around the world, validates the increasing focus on driving loyalty and brand advocacy in difficult economic conditions. The event is geared toward brand and retail researchers who want to learn more about consumer shopping behavior and what ultimately drives a purchase – both in and out of store.

Empathica’s Emmanuel Probst, Vice President of Retail – Eastern USA, Brian Jones, Vice President of Grocery and Consumer Packaged Goods, and Chris Kelly, Vice President of Retail – Western USA, will be in attendance.

“Delivering an excellent customer experience should be one of the top priorities to help companies differentiate in a challenging market,” says Gary Edwards, Chief Customer Officer at Empathica. “Now, more than ever, brands need to understand the triggers to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, and how to make consumers not only frequent ‘shoppers’ but brand ’advocates.’ We are pleased to be attending the Shopper Insights in Action Conference and participating in the ongoing discourse on understanding and influencing consumer shopping behavior.”

As a leader in CEM strategy and program development, Empathica works with top brands around the world to deliver comprehensive CEM solutions that drive customer advocacy and fuel brand growth. Several times a year, the company also generates industry-specific research through the Empathica Consumer Insights Panel survey, an authoritative voice on consumer-based economic indicators.

Empathica’s most recent survey of 16,000 consumers in the U.S. and Canada revealed that more than half of North Americans are finding it more difficult financially today compared to six months ago. Only 9% indicated that they are finding it less difficult to cope in today’s economy. This has led directly to spending reductions, with 61% of survey respondents indicating they are spending less today than they were a year ago.

“After retailers have an understanding of the current consumer mindset, they need to react in a way that will make the brand experience truly memorable and consequently encourage future spending and positive recommendations. This is particularly important with consumers watching their spending even more closely this year,” added Edwards.

For more information about the Wave 1, 2011 Consumer Insights Panel survey data, visit www.empathica.com/insights/.

To register for the event, visit Shopper Insights in Action Conference 2011 and enter code, “SHOP11EMPATHICA” for 25% off standard registration rates.

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