InMoment Tapped by Gold’s Gym to Optimize Customer Experience

DALLAS (July 22, 2015) — InMoment™, a cloud-based customer experience optimization platform, announced today it is partnering with Gold’s Gym, the world’s leading authority on health and fitness, to better listen to and engage with its members. InMoment will power the company’s new customer feedback platform, myVoice, to provide a world-class fitness experience to members across the U.S.

“We are going beyond the traditional approach of just asking members to rate a past experience; it’s simply not good enough,” said Brad Bean, Senior Director of Member Experience. “Connecting with members more often, and in a more authentic way, will bring us richer insights into how we are delivering on our promises, and most importantly, where we are falling short. In moving beyond a survey culture to a place of listening and truly understanding, we will forge stronger ties with our guests.”

Gold’s Gym will implement myVoice at 150 of its corporate-owned locations. InMoment’s Experience Hub provides a comprehensive range of capabilities, including comprehensive feedback collection tools, Active Listening, data integration and integrity measures, highly-tuned and multilingual text analytics, real-time alerting and hierarchy-based reporting, action planning, social advocacy support and more.

“Gold’s Gym is one of the most passionate, pioneering brands out there when it comes to truly listening to its members,” said InMoment President Lonnie Mayne. “They’re continually pushing their own team, and ours, to think bigger and do more to enhance the member experience. They’ve undertaken some incredibly innovative efforts that will set their brand apart. I have no doubt Gold’s Gym will become a guest experience leader, not just to their peers, but to every company that wants to create fundamentally different relationship with their customers.”

About Gold’s Gym

Since 1965 Gold’s Gym has built a Legacy of Strength ? a legacy that goes back to the very first Gold’s Gym in Venice, California. Fifty years later, Gold’s Gym is the most recognized gym chain in the world with more than 700 locations in 38 states and 23 countries. Gold’s Gym offers the latest equipment and services, including group exercise, personal training, cardiovascular equipment, group cycle, Pilates and yoga. With nearly 3 million members worldwide, Gold’s Gym helps all kinds of people achieve their potential through fitness.

For more information please visit, or To learn more about how Gold’s Gym is celebrating its 50th Anniversary, visit

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