Launch of Empathica’s Analyst Suite Powered by Qlikview, Delivers Powerful Capabilities for Business Analysts

Built on QlikTech’s industry-leading QlikView business intelligence platform, Analyst Suite is the first solution that enables real-time segmentation analysis on customer experience data, providing powerful tools for today’s business analysts.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada – December 20, 2010 – Empathica Inc., a leading provider of Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions to over 200 of the world’s most respected brands, today announced the launch of Analyst Suite, a solution designed to provide today’s business analysts with the tools they need to perform complex queries on their customer experience data. With the robust capabilities of Analyst Suite, analysts can now select criteria to extract data for custom reports, explore hypotheses and discover strategic insights beyond operational trends.

Analyst Suite is offered as a SaaS (software-as-a-service) solution that leverages QlikView’s in-memory, associative search technology. With this unique platform, data sets are no longer pre-calculated, but processed in real-time as requests are entered into Analyst Suite. Additional criteria can be automatically aggregated into an existing search without the assistance of an IT department. This greatly improves operating efficiency and gives business analysts the control they need over their data.

As a key part of their role, analysts are often asked various questions related to segments within the business, for example, “How is overall customer satisfaction trending among Gold card members ages 35-44?” or “Why are baby product sales down in the Midwest last quarter?” Unlike traditional business intelligence tools that work from static information, Analyst Suite’s rapid data extraction capabilities allow analysts to quickly respond to these types of ad hoc requests. They are likewise empowered to gain a better understanding of store performance in order to analyze trends and develop strategic insights. Analyst Suite allows the business analyst to spend their time on the more important aspects of their role – testing various hypotheses and determining correlation of service attributes on customer satisfaction – rather than on the more mundane data management tasks of extraction, formatting and manipulation.

“We’ve found that a huge pain point for brands lies with identifying the key problem areas within the business and determining where resources should optimally be allocated to ensure a better customer experience,” said Andrew Datars, VP of Product Management at Empathica. “To meet this need, we’ve designed Analyst Suite, powered by QlikView, so brands can answer their specific segment questions based on any criteria, and still have the freedom to explore various trends. All of this can now be done without the intervention of IT to change the data model. What used to take hours, days or even weeks, is now available in seconds with Analyst Suite.”

Empathica is currently engaged with several leading global brands to implement Analyst Suite into their everyday operations. To find out more about Empathica Analyst Suite, visit

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