Listening to Customers Just Got Easier!

InMoment Debuts Patent-pending Innovations to Provide More Actionable Insights, Improve the Customer Experience

  • Integrated Technologies Power Better Listening, Better Actions, and Better Relationships with Customers
  • Experience Hub Brings Diverse Customer Stories Together to Drive Action Across the Enterprise

SALT LAKE CITY (Feb. 10, 2015) — InMoment™, a cloud-based customer experience (CX) optimization platform, is introducing a powerful set of integrated Voice of Customer listening capabilities to its Experience Hub technology platform. These capabilities significantly enhance brands’ ability to gather the most actionable feedback from customers.

Companies want feedback from customers, and customers want to tell their stories. Traditional, surveys, while well intended, can focus more on what the brand wants to know than what customers want to tell them.

“As more and more groups within a company get excited about obtaining and using customer feedback, companies often try to accommodate everyone and indiscriminately add more questions to already long surveys,” said Bruce Temkin, customer experience transformist and managing partner at Temkin Group said in a May 2014 report titled Text Analytics Reshapes VoC Programs. “Simply piling on multiple-choice questions does not lead to Voice of Customer success.”

New technologies and methods are enabling customers to tell their stories, and brands to listen, in more varied and impactful ways. InMoment’s Experience Hub™ provides companies with the ability to Listen to, Understand and Share customer stories inside and outside the organization to improve the customer experience, as well as the brand’s bottom line.

Today, InMoment announced several new capabilities that transform the way companies listen to customers, and enhance the relationship in the process:

Active Listening Suite: Unstructured feedback in the form of comments is invaluable in understanding and connecting with customers. The Active Listening Suite applies text analytics in a unique, patent-pending way to get more actionable data, and make the feedback process a more engaging, positive experience for customers.

Strength Meter: Taps into the ease and fun of the familiar strength meter to gently encourage customers to keep telling their stories.

Follow Up: “It was great,” isn’t very helpful. Follow Up identifies comments low on insights, and then triggers additional, relevant questions that ask customers to provide more detailed information.

Drill Down: Identify specific words or topics, and present targeted questions for deeper inquiry. Drill Down can trigger off of both structured data (scores) as well as the unstructured text found in comment boxes.

Social Listening: More customers are telling their stories in online reviews and on social sites. InMoment allows you to gather customer stories from popular social story sharing sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, TripAdvisor, OpenTable, UrbanSpoon and FourSquare. Automated alerting and links to comments enable immediate response. Role-based reporting allows you to view social stories on their own, or alongside customer feedback. Available in all languages.

Data Integration: InMoment can integrate third-party data from a variety of sources into the Experience Hub and marry this information with customer stories to paint a holistic picture of the overall customer experience. Sources include CRM, POS, Loyalty, Agent Notes, Mystery Shop, Ticketing, and more.

“Customer stories are one of the most powerful business tools available, containing insights that can improve nearly every aspect of an organization,” said InMoment President Lonnie Mayne. “All too often, brands become so focused on getting good data, that they forget the feedback process is just as critical to the overall customer experience as every other interaction. Thanks to these new listening technologies, brands can get the best data, take the wisest actions, and create a more meaningful relationship with their customers in the process.”

For more information about InMoment’s Listening capabilities visit here.

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