News: Marketing technology innovation exploding: 1,876 companies in 43 categories

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Martech guru Scott Brinker recently released his latest marketing technology supergraphic, with almost double the number of marketing technology vendors of last year.

The biggest surprise?

Exactly that: the massive and continuing growth in vendors.

“I honestly did not expect it to double in density,” he says. “It viscerally demonstrates just how much marketing has become a tech-powered discipline and how much innovation is happening within that domain.”

I caught up to him to ask a few questions about the huge technology landscape, which has grown from 947 companies in early 2014, 350 in early 2013, and just a lonely 100 vendors in the first version, released late in 2011. Marketers who are confused by all the tech in the space had it easy, seemingly, just a few short years ago.

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