News: Z Aims to Increase Pleasure at the Pump

March 31, 2013 |

Buying petrol is one of the most hated purchases a person can make. “Historically the relationship to the category has been pretty poor,” admits Z Energy’s general manager for retail, Mark Forsyth. “For a lot of people, they are in a hurry for fuel that costs a lot of money – and they are not sure that is fair – and it goes in their car where they can’t see it.” It is feelings like these that have seen Z Energy invest a lot of money in a system to help it identify and then eliminate the things that drive motorists to distraction. Just before it began rebranding in 2011, Z Energy deployed a customer realationship management monitoring system from Canadian firm Empathica so it could identify ideas to take the frustration out of fuel-buying. read more »

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