Webinar: Re-Imagining Customer Feedback to Drive Feedback

Co-hosted by Empathica and Retail TouchPoints, the webinar will address ways to enhance the customer experience using a combination of social media and surveys

Toronto, Ontario, Canada – April 9, 2013 – Empathica Inc., a leading global provider of Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions to the world’s most respected multi-unit enterprises, today announced that it will co-host a webinar with Retail TouchPoints entitled “Re-Imagining Customer Feedback to Drive Action.” The free webinar will take place on Thursday, April 25 at 1 p.m. EST.

Social media and social review sites are quickly becoming the channel of choice for customers to voice positive and negative feedback. These new forms of online reviews present both a challenge and an opportunity for retail brands to improve the customer experience.

“As social media puts more power in the hands of consumers, retailers should see social reviews as just as valuable – if not more so – than traditional channels,” said Dr. Gary Edwards, Chief Customer Officer at Empathica. “While social reviews may present an initial challenge due to the large amount of data retailers have to analyze across social networks, the feedback can ultimately help create the personalized customer experience today’s tech savvy consumers have come to expect.”

During the webinar, Dr. Edwards will address:

  • How surveys and social media can drive great experiences
  • How an end-to-end view of all customer feedback types can uncover systemic issues and trends
  • How focusing on key improvements and tailored actions can build new habits in stores

For more information or to register for the event, visit the Empathica Events Page.

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