2019 CX Trends Australia

Our 2019 Australian CX Trends Report shows that the gap between customers’ and brands’ perception of customer experience delivery is greater than ever.

Brands are investing––both time and dollars––in CX and believe they are improving. In fact, 36% of brands reported experiences are definitely getting better. Alarmingly, only 13% of customers said the same.

More than ever it is critical that brands get CX right with Gartner reporting 8/ 10 brands will compete primarily on customer experience. And brands that get it right see the tangible impact on financial results.

Download our full report to understand key CX trends so you know where to focus to close the CX gap and rise above the rest in both reputation and revenue. Trends include:

  • Importance of overt listening
  • Getting the right balance between technology and the human touch
  • Making personalisation more purposeful
  • Taking a different perspective on non-purchasers
  • How to recognise real loyalty

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