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EX & CX Trends: What Retail Brands Need to Know in 2022

2022 is here, and it’s not without its challenges thus far. Retailers around the globe are facing a multitude of obstacles as a result of COVID-19, an unpredictable economy, the Great Resignation, and more. But this isn’t the first set of challenges the retail industry has faced.  

When e-commerce giants like Amazon exploded onto the scene, many proclaimed that traditional retail was “dead.” We know now that those claims were greatly exaggerated, as retail brands unveiled innovation after innovation that kept customers coming back through their doors and employees happily clocking in for their shifts. 

Today, retailers need to face the challenges of 2022 with the same willingness to innovate in order to meet customer (and employee) needs. And the best tool to guide them in this quest? The voice of their employees, customers, and even non-buyers!

This eBook compiles four data-backed trends that retail brands need to know for the coming year! Get your free download below.


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