CX Trends and EX Trends for 2022

2022 Experience Trends Webinar

Let’s state the obvious: the past few years have been challenging (to say the least). But as we move forward and hopefully past the pandemic, experience-focused businesses are faced with a new challenge: there is no back to normal. So how can brands create experience strategies for their customers and employees when the past few years have forever changed us and our expectations?

Enter the 2022 Experience Trends Report, a gold-mine of experience insights that combines direct feedback from both customers and employees across 11 industries, as well as indirect, inferred data to help you inform your strategy for customer experience, human resources, marketing, and beyond!

InMoment experts Radi Hindawi and Jim Katzman will walk you through each of the trends, real-life examples of brands who are taking action, and what you can do tomorrow to implement them into your strategy.

Here are a few of the questions they’ll answer:

  • How do customers and employees want to leave feedback in the upcoming year?
  • How can brands engage and gain the loyalty of the emerging Gen Z consumers and workforce?
  • What are the loyalty drivers for both customers and employees in each industry?
  • How is the customer and employee journey changing?
  • And more!

You can access the full trends report here:

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