Data Sciences

Human Expertise and Advanced Data Science

Data Sciences

This team offers a blend of human expertise and advanced data science to ensure you derive value from your experience efforts whether your program is customer, employee, or market focused, and whether it is in its infancy or a mature, integrated part of your business.

Root Cause Analysis: Understand the Meaning Behind Your Metrics

We detect changes in your brand’s scores, and use advanced text analytics to determine what the heart of the issue is and why metrics drop or spike.

Linkage Analysis: Establish a Connection Between Experience Data and Other Parts of the Business

Use your existing data to determine connections between financial, transactional, and employee performance and the customer experience. Insights are tailored and presented by our data scientists.

Key Driver Analysis: Discover What is Truly Important to Your Customers

Key driver analysis determines what has the most impact on your CX metrics, enabling you to understand and focus on what is most crucial to a positive customer experience.

Structural Equation Modeling: Improve Experiences that Matter; Increase Loyalty and Revenue

SEM determines focus areas based on your customers’ expectations, identifies priorities, and highlights areas for improvement.

Employee Engagement: Leverage Employees to Positively Influence the Business Experience

More engaged employees lead to lower turnover, higher productivity, happier customers—and a multitude of bottom-line benefits. We combine technology and expert consulting to effectively gather and analyze employee feedback in conjunction with other experience data.

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