Professional Services

Providing Customization andAdditional Support

Professional Services

We know that every business is different and requires an element of customization and additional support. That’s why our professional services team is dedicated to your program from beginning to end.

XI Architects: Design and Plan the Optimal Program

Our team of XI Architects provide services tailored to your brand, ranging from program blueprint, roadmap, and scope; thought leadership; best practices; and industry-specific expertise.

Implementation: Get Your Program Up and Running Quickly—and Successfully

Our experienced implementation team fully manages the set up of every aspect of your program and ensures your transition to InMoment is quick and painless.

CSMs, TSMs, CSRs: Your Daily Support Team

  • Client success managers—Your CSM will serve as your day-to-day contact; they work closely with you to ensure that they understand your business’s customer, employee and market experience objectives and help you achieve them.
  • Technical success managers—TSMs are responsible for all technical aspects of your program, including implementing, configuring, and testing surveys and changes.
  • Customer service representatives—CSRs provide survey support to your customers, as well as basic administrative support for your users.

Analyst for Hire: Benefit from Our Expertise, Data Sciences, and Best Practices

Our Services team are available for hire at an hourly rate, enabling you to benefit from a broad spectrum of customer, employee, and market data analysis and expertise without having to employ a full-time analyst. Our professional services teams provide the day-to-day services required to create and maintain a successful CX program including:

  • Program branding
  • Project planning and scoping
  • Standard operating procedure (SOP) definitions
  • Program blueprint and implementation roadmap
  • Platform training and walkthroughs
  • Hierarchy and user management
  • Data integration
  • Program enhancements
  • Weekly update meetings
  • Quarterly or biannual executive reviews
  • Workflow and approval management
  • Survey authoring and management
  • Report creation, scheduling, and management
  • 24-hour technical support
  • Custom insights discovery and delivery
  • Thought leadership and best practices sharing and application
  • Industry-specific expertise
  • Public awareness, case studies, & award nominations

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