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Measuring your customer experiences revolves around understanding the series of interactions or touchpoints you have with your customers. Customer Experience Management (CEM) is how a company manages those customer interactions. CEM has emerged as a “space” or methodology, providing a means to manage and create brand loyalty, and higher customer lifetime values (CLTV). When customer experience is managed properly, customers buy more goods and services over longer periods of time which has a positive effect on revenue, profits, and margins.

Just like traditional CEM, Social Customer Experience Management (Social CEM) can have a detrimental impact on your business if not managed well.

With the rise of social media and smartphone technology, customers are now in the driver’s seat. They can post their experiences through online reviews, forums, and other social channels which is visible to everyone. Customers trust reviews, and they’re armed to turn to social media and the web when looking for recommendations.

Complete the Story and Then Take Action

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how well you listen. Your customers’ stories aren’t complete without the social perspective. Social CEM brings more of their stories together for a more complete view of customer satisfaction. There are many benefits to bringing Social CEM into your VoC program:

Automated efficiency. Simplify the tedious and difficult aspects of tracking and gathering social stories. Integrated text analyt­ics are applied to surface the insights that drive action.

Clear brand insights. Social stories are integrated with customer data, painting a larger picture of how customers feel about their total experience with a brand.

Actionable location data. Social CEM breaks social data down by location to ensure you can take action to rescue dissatisfied customers.

Better customer relationships. Better, more complete stories help you understand how to create and nurture enduring relation­ships with your customers.

To take advantage of these benefits, businesses need a way to manage the social sphere of customer feedback. However, with all the social channels and forums, there is too much being said to listen and cypher this information manually. The task can become more daunting as you try to understand these stories in the context of other customer experiences. There’s also the challenge of getting this information to the people who can take swift action.

Our Solution

The InMoment Social CEM program leverages customer feedback to help improve business outcomes. Most Social CEM solutions only monitor image and reputation at a brand level. When the true value lies in a VoC-centered approach to close the loop with customers and eliminate their pain points.

Our solution taps into the places within popular online review and social sites where customers share the most meaningful stories with your company. We embed these social stories alongside customer experience data from voice, online, and other sources, into alerts, reports, dashboards, and apps for a broader view of how customers interact and feel about your brand.

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