El Toro

Cutting Edge Data to Understand & Improve Experience Based on Geography

InMoment brings a unique combination of data, technology, and strategic intelligence to experience improvement. El Toro is at the cutting edge of consumer targeting based on location. Together, InMoment and El Toro enable best-in-class location-based consumer insight and experience improvement.

Revolutionary Technology Brings New Intelligence to Market Research, Loyalty, and Experience Improvement Programs.

El Toro is revolutionizing targeting through its patented approach of matching physical addresses to IP addresses, allowing clients to effectively target consumers. The El Toro system is 100% cookie-free and its proprietary approach connects with real people at an unparalleled accuracy, with a 95% or greater confidence level.

Reach Consumers at Home Based on Where They Work, Study, or Shop

El Toro serves geography-based display ads and direct mail to consumer households based on geography and movement of household devices. 

El Toro lets you capture people’s Device IDs at high-value locations–at events they attend or locations they visit–all with the intent to understand and engage intelligently. This is done by using GeoFramingTM targeting technology, a technology created by El Toro.

By mapping an area, El Toro can identify any devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops) after they leave the venue, and continue to target consumers with digital banner ads across all of their devices or with direct mail at home.

Example Uses

Research and gather feedback based on consumer location and movement. 

  • Look at frequency of visits and understand who those people are and when they are visiting
  • Layer this data source with other survey and point of sale data for a more complete view of customers coming to your location
  • Dig into who is not buying from you (browsers, competitor shoppers) and better understand that customer
  • Target consumers who visit a location (retail/restaurant/venue) or attendees of a conference, sporting event, or festival.
  • Target your customers with loyalty campaigns or reach those who frequent competitor locations.

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