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InMoment has been recognized as a “vendor who meets you where you are.” If you're just getting started on your journey or if you are a seasoned professional, we have the technology and expertise to help you continue on your experience improvement journey.


Our CoreCX package is a fast and easy way to get started. Gather feedback, monitor trends, identify areas of improvement, and integrate with systems of record.

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The CoreCX package includes:

  • Self-serve NPS, CSAT and CES micro-surveys deployed in-app web or mobile, or through email, SMS
  • Text and sentiment analytics
  • Data exploration to mine unstructured feedback
  • Reporting and dashboards to facilitate action and monitor trends
  • Integrations with key systems of record


Our enterprise package allows for flexibility and scale. Built with more than a decade of industry expertise, the enterprise package will help accelerate your program to what is best-in-class.

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The Enterprise Package includes:

  • Professional package elements
  • Self-serve or managed service surveys for transactional, relational, and market research
  • Industry specific text and sentiment analytic models
  • Field level reporting
  • Location-based action planning
  • Case management and closed-loop
  • Advanced and native integrations with key systems of record


Our custom packages leverage all elements of the XI platform, applications and services to create a program designed specifically to address your business requirements.

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The Custom Package includes:

  • Robust survey and data collection across any/all channels
  • Extensive reporting that spans the enterprise–top of house to the front line
  • Predictive and advanced analytics to facilitate recommendations and workflow
  • Robust integrations with key systems of record
  • Action planning, advocacy, case management, closed-loop, and more
  • A unique combination of Customer Experience (CX), Employee Experience (EX), Marketing Experience (MX), and Product Experience (PX)

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