InMoment for Product Management

Build software your users love.

Turn user feedback into adoption, retention, and product satisfaction.

Optimize user experience in web and mobile apps
Identify bottlenecks to product led growth
Increase engagement and product satisfaction
Proritize feature improvements and build a strategic roadmap


Know What Your Users Want

Use strategically placed microsurveys to gather hyper-targeted NPS, PSAT, and CES feedback inside your product to understand and quantify what your users care about, and the why behind their behavior– along the entire user journey. Complement in-app feedback with email surveys and other channels to gain a complete view of the user experience. You can identify bottlenecks to product led growth so you can improve adoption and retain more users.

Roadmap Guidance

Optimize the User Experience

Optimize the user experience in web and mobile apps so you can gather customer data with enriched survey responses to help you prioritize the features and fixes that matter most to users. Turn your survey comments into a valuable tool to guide your roadmap strategy.

NPs, CES, CSAT Dashboards for CX teams
AI-Powered Analytics and Dashboards

Save Time and Move Fast

Hallelujah, no more spreadsheets. You can now autocategorize comments saving you time so you can bring the user voice into every business decision faster. Our intuitive dashboards make research and reporting accessible in a unified Voice of Customer Hub. Teams can easily explore root-cause analysis, and report on trends and customer lifetime value drivers.


Leverage Your Existing Systems and Customer Data

Seamlessly target surveys using your customer data while connecting experience data to your systems of record so the right person can take action. We call it real-time integration with a modern tech stack.

Agility of implementation! Product teams love the ease and high level of security. It’s a no-brainer to course correct based on what they see.”

Director of Customer Experience, DocuSign

Top-rated Experience Improvement Software for SaaS & Digital Apps

InMoment is a leader in the Feedback Analytics category on G2, the #1 independent software review site, and the highest performing solution for SaaS and Digital CX. Read unbiased reviews from real customers and compare for yourself.

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See ROI in Half the Time

InMoment’s integrated CX approach increases customer lifetime value and bottom line performance in just 12 months, significantly faster than the industry average of 25 months!

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