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CX Intelligence

From Metrics to Meaning

Have the numbers but aren’t sure what to make of them? Our industry-leading data science curates information from numerous sources then goes beyond the numbers to give you a detailed understanding of your customer experience.

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Introducing XI Digital Transformation

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Welcome to experience intelligence

The InMoment XI Platform

The only platform that can recognize, correlate, and synthesize disparate information from across the business to close intelligence gaps and turn data into actionable intelligence.


InMoment Named a Leader In Customer Feedback Management


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How Mature is Your CX Program?

Take the CX Maturity Assessment to see where you stack up and get personalized suggestions on how to super-charge your customer experience

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Do You Have the Right CX Strategy for Your Program?

CX veteran discusses the pillars of a great CX strategy, so you can craft a blueprint for long-term success

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Choosing and Implementing the Right CX Metrics for Your Business

Does what you’re measuring have meaning for your business? Access this free webinar and get the four guiding principles for metrics with meaning

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InMoment CX Intelligence Cloud

Customer Experience Isn’t One Size Fits All

Whether you’re just getting started with customer experience, optimizing an existing program, or revolutionizing a stale approach, you need an experience platform tailored to your needs. InMoment’s Experience Intelligence (XI) Platform is highly scalable to meet you where you are and infused with data science to get you where you want to go.

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