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Having the right data—and being able to make sense of it—can both cut costs and create opportunities to increase revenue. InMoment combines artificial intelligence, machine learning, and self-serve analytical tools to surface critical insights and empower you to dig into specific areas of interest in 100% of your experience data from multiple inputs across the business.

Explore structured and unstructured data in one place

Tune text analytics to increase accuracy and actionability

Easily find answers to your most pressing questions

Predict what your customer intends to do next, and preempt it

Detect anomalies in your data to future-proof your program

Engage the business with role-relevant data and insights

Data Analysis

Create Actionable Customer Segments

Automatically comb through each and every experience to detect industry and business-specific tags, intent, effort, and emotion to create actionable customer segments based on demographic and behavioral data.

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Industry-leading Text Analysis

Years of Industry Expertise Out-of-the-Box

Pre-built industry configurations for out-of-the-box improvements in text analytics accuracy, topic detection, categorization, and more. Our model updates, plus your self-serve additions ensure you keep up with industry changes without extensive time commitments!

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Intent prediction

Preempt the Customer’s Next Move

Unlike traditional analysis that extracts basic sentiment, objects, and categories, our supercharged analysis goes one step further to reveal not just what the customer did but what they intend to do next so you can always stay a step ahead.

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The InMoment platform allows our Support team to segment feedback by agent and other relevant business drivers to uncover insights that help us optimize our support experience, and it can also reveal bottlenecks that are best addressed by improving product features or design.”

– Customer Insights Manager, Glassdoor

Emotion Analysis

Empathize With Customers at a Deeper Level

Positive, neutral, and negative sentiment analysis just won’t cut it for those who want to build lasting customer relationships. Detect which emotion is related to the experience—from anger and fear, to joy and trust—and you can respond and connect with empathy.

Impact Scores

Prioritize Actions That Have the Biggest Impact

Determine the relative importance of specific experience factors in predicting program and business outcomes. Go beyond traditional driver analysis and simulate the effect that a CX initiative could have on your goals and objectives.

Anomaly Detection

Never Miss a Trend or Potential Issue

Proactively monitor feedback and get notified of trending topics and spikes in your scores—negative or positive—and see the impact of that topic on your main metric. Then prioritize actions accordingly to get on the right track.

See ROI in Half the Time

InMoment’s integrated CX approach increases customer lifetime value and bottom line performance in just 12 months, significantly faster than the industry average of 25 months!

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