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Out-of-the-box reports for program optimization—from collection to action

Self-serve report and dashboard creation for tailored insights

Advanced sharing, publishing, and data privacy controls

Omnichannel data analysis for holistic program performance

Actionable insights for improved business outcomes

Mobile optimized reporting for the frontline

It’s everyone’s responsibility to improve experiences for your customers. But getting the right data, at the right time, to the right people is only one part of the equation. From CX program owners and service reps to regional managers and the entire C-suite, InMoment helps you easily design, build, run, and socialize configurable reports and dashboards on virtually any datapoint to turn insights into action.

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Out-of-the-box Reporting

Understand CX Program Performance in Seconds

Quickly see what’s impacting your main metrics, and develop action plans for the opportunities you’ve identified. With data filters and variable grouping you can be sure you capture the right insights, for the right audience, delivered at the right time.

Report and Dashboard Builder

Create Your Own Stories—No Code Required!

Easily create reports and dashboards from scratch for truly tailored insights. Our intuitive editor helps you build visualizations leveraging drag and drop options that allow for drill through reporting to the deepest level of data.

CX Program Reporting

Omnichannel Data Analysis

Combine all feedback–both structured and unstructured data such as surveys, reviews, transcripts, videos and more. Visualize everything in one place with personalized dashboards or export data to other business systems.

“Before InMoment, our vendor provided us with software, but support and consultancy were lacking. We did not have any of the analysis, reporting, or insights that we do now. By having that analysis automated, we’re able to focus our time on the strategic, the what’s next, rather than solely what’s in front of us.”

Karl Storz

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Coach Recommendations

Prescriptive, Actionable Insights

Giving staff broad recommendations such as “keep the dressing rooms clean” is rarely effective. But being able to pinpoint specific times at which (and employees with whom) issues are happening sets the stage for specific and actionable improvements.

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Field Reporting

Scalable Insights for Every Location

Deliver reporting on-the-go for location managers to access insights and drive better experiences from the front-lines. Gain an understanding of variables impacting your key drivers, and access summary feedback metrics from the convenience of a mobile device.

Executive Reporting

Convenient, Targeted Reporting for Every Executive

Whether your CEO prefers slide presentations, spreadsheets, dashboards, or a mobile application, XI can automate the reports any busy executive needs to keep customers front of mind and drive CX improvement from the top down.

Extensive Widget Options

High Impact Visuals for Storytelling

Bring your reporting to life with drillable charts and graphs in dashboards. With effective visualizations you and your team can understand, transform, and realize improved customer experiences.

Custom Reports

Need Something More Bespoke? We’ve Got Experts for That.

InMoment has a deep bench of data scientists, dashboard builders, and CX program consultants to help guide you on best practice, or build something new for you!

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