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CoreCX: The Fast, Easy CX Software with a Powerful Approach to Experience Improvement

A fast and easy way to improve onboarding, enhance product experience, improve customer support interactions, and heighten pre-renewal relationships—-the key touchpoints for digital product success.


Engage at the Moments That Matter Most

  • Leverage hyper-targeted Net Promoter (NPS), CSAT and Customer Effort Score (CES) feedback at critical journey points that make or break customer loyalty
  • Ask the right questions in the right channels: Microsurveys via Email, In-app, Mobile, SMS and Intercom Messenger
  • Quickly create and send surveys customized by any language or segment based on the events you define
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Prioritize Improvements for Impactful Results

  • Lots of qualitative data? Never miss a trend with automated real-time sentiment measures
  • Get intelligence to insight without a data analyst. Enrich survey responses with customer data and autocategorize topics and sentiment at scale
  • Capture an immediate view of a customers’ profile and responses over time and across their entire customer journey
  • Prioritize business improvements using the most important and actionable customer feedback
InMoment custom dashboards for CX teams

Take Action to Drive Customer-Centricity

  • Easy, intuitive, no fuss CX software platform means adoption is a breeze and taking action becomes ingrained in the fabric of the organization
  • Customize easy-to-use dashboards, set alerts, and use your own systems of record to engage stakeholders and close the loop with customers
  • Leverage your native integrations–from Salesforce to Slack–making it easy to automate followup and drive immediate customer response

Agility of implementation! Product teams love the ease and high level of security. It’s a no-brainer to course correct based on what they see.”

Director of Customer Experience, DocuSign

Leverage Your Systems of Record

Enrich your CRM data with scores and feedback for better customer intelligence. Trigger surveys based on events in your systems of record. Close the loop with customers.


What Sets InMoment Apart?


InMoment helps organizations use microsurveys to focus on Customer Lifetime Value drivers of ease, satisfaction, and loyalty at key points in your customer’s journey.


InMoment is a G2 Leader in Feedback Analytics. We make it easy for all stakeholders to democratize and understand how they can improve customer experience and take action.

Time to Value

InMoment users report a return on investment in an average of 10 months [G2], less than half the time of many of our competitors. Our time-to-value approach of crawl, walk, and run ensures organizations can show ROI quickly and add features as their CX program matures.

Top-rated Experience Improvement Software for SaaS & Digital Apps

InMoment is a leader in the Feedback Analytics category on G2, the #1 independent software review site, and the highest performing solution for SaaS and Digital CX. Read unbiased reviews from real customers and compare for yourself.

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Questions to Consider When Choosing a CX Software Platform

  1. What are your desired results from customer feedback? Are you trying to learn from the feedback and change, or just trying to be aware of what’s going on.
  2. What types of responses are you looking for? The rating scales and survey types will give you varying results. 
  3. Are you choosing surveys that are relevant to your business model? 
  4. Are you familiar with your CX software providers company? Are they dependable?
  5. How easy is the CX software to use? Does it integrate well with your existing tech? What about software updates?
  6. Does the CX software provide reports and analytics for the customer feedback you receive?

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