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Yes, we’re experts in CX, but more importantly—we’re experts in human behavior. Our data scientist- and PhD-led Strategic Insights team goes beyond technology to help companies recognize and prove the power and value of experience initiatives.

Journey Mapping

Predict and Plan for Emerging Customer Journeys

Remember when you could enter a store, purchase a product, and be on your way? Neither can we. Customer journeys can change on a dime and the only guarantee is that today’s journey looks nothing like yesterday’s—and tomorrow’s will certainly be something new. Our journey mapping workshops help you predict and plan for these changes, so while your competitors are scrambling to adapt, you’re prepared to meet the evolving needs of the market.

“InMoment takes a long-term relationship strategy approach to VOC program evolution, they prefer in-house creative solutions to solving business problems rather than defer to other vendors or partners.”

IDC Voice of Customer Platforms Marketscape 2023-2024


Refresh and Revitalize

When’s the last time you revamped your experience program? Have insights dried up? Losing support and engagement? Feeling stale? Your experience strategy should align with overall company goals and brand promise. Through in-depth whiteboarding sessions, our expert practitioners will review your program through the lens of experience improvement. to identify opportunities and recommend actions to improve intelligence and boost ROI.

Program Design
Survey Design

Feedback is an Extension of Your Brand

Most survey builders lack a solid understanding of best practices around survey design. They ask too many or too long questions, reducing engagement and response rates. Plus, poorly written questions provide skewed results leading to weak or inaccurate signals. Our data scientists improve both the user experience and the data quality by analyzing your surveys and optimizing for clicks, length, and branding.


Ready to Disrupt the Market?

While traditional focus groups may be a thing of the past, market research is certainly not dead. Global panels help companies answer detailed questions with industry-specific insights straight from the minds of consumers. In a world where a single tweet can make or break a brand—and consumer sentiment reigns supreme—competitive benchmarking, market assessment, and brand perception studies help identify consumer needs and validate expectations. Whether it’s customer acquisition, growth, or retention you’re after, our expert research design team will help build the solution that’s right for your business.

InMoment is a good fit for organizations looking to build their program on a strong technical foundation with access to expert CX services.

The Forrester Wave: Customer Feedback Management, Q1 2023


Not All Experiences are Created Equal

It’s impossible to make every experience perfect, and that’s okay. What’s important is understanding the moments that matter to your customers and employees—and ensuring they hit the mark. Our proprietary Touchpoint Impact Maps help you understand what elements of the experience have the greatest impact on the outcomes you care about and how to prioritize those variables.


Prove the Impact of Experience Improvement

Raise your hand if you’ve been asked to prove the impact of your experience initiatives. While anyone can assume improvements in NPS and OSAT have a positive impact on revenue, quantifying it is another story. Whether it’s acquisition, growth, retention, or reducing cost-to-serve you’re after, our experts will help design a program that aligns with your goals—and measure impact every step of the way.

See ROI in Half the Time

InMoment’s integrated CX approach increases customer lifetime value and bottom line performance in just 12 months, significantly faster than the industry average of 25 months!

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