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InMoment has been recognized as a “vendor who meets you where you are.” If you're just getting started on your journey or if you are a seasoned professional, we have the technology and expertise to help you continue on your experience improvement journey.


Our professional package is a fast and easy way to get started. Gather feedback, monitor trends, identify areas of improvement, and integrate with systems of record.

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The Professional Package includes:

Self-serve NPS, CSAT and CES micro-surveys deployed in-app web or mobile, or through email, SMS

Text and sentiment analytics

Data exploration to mine unstructured feedback

Reporting and dashboards to facilitate action and monitor trends

Integrations with key systems of record


Our enterprise package allows for flexibility and scale. Built with more than a decade of industry expertise, the enterprise package will help accelerate your program to what is best-in-class.

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The Enterprise Package includes:

Professional package elements

Self-serve or managed service surveys for transactional, relational, and market research

Industry specific text and sentiment analytic models

Field level reporting

Location-based action planning

Case management and closed-loop

Advanced and native integrations with key systems of record


Our custom packages leverage all elements of the XI platform, applications and services to create a program designed specifically to address your business requirements.

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The Custom Package includes:

Robust survey and data collection across any/all channels

Extensive reporting that spans the enterprise–top of house to the front line

Predictive and advanced analytics to facilitate recommendations and workflow

Robust integrations with key systems of record

Action planning, advocacy, case management, closed-loop, and more

A unique combination of Customer Experience (CX), Employee Experience (EX), Marketing Experience (MX), and Product Experience (PX)

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