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Integrated CX starts with the right data, to the right people at the right time. Let InMoment solve your most challenging data needs.

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Enterprise organizations gather data from multiple systems with thousands of data points every day. Efforts to clean, update, and enrich this data manually are a major resource constraint, resulting in time wasted, and potential ROI goes unrealized. Let us do all the heavy lifting to manage your data, so you can focus on improving CX, not wrangling data.

Patented ETL Technology

Real-time Ingestion

Transformation Synergy

Flow Consistency

Flexible Data Extraction

Program Permissioning

Data Security

Revolutionize Your Data Processing

Our patented Workflow application redefines large-scale metadata processing, offering real-time, adaptable data transmission for enhanced analytics and reporting. From operational and financial to compliance data, our technology streamlines query optimization, enriches text analytics, and facilitates robust analysis and reporting.

Ingest Data Without IT

Bid farewell to manual data preparation. Defining rules and sending sample files directly to InMoment automates the cleansing and processing of data for seamless ingestion into our platform. This user-friendly approach empowers you with data-driven insights, eliminating the need for IT involvement.

Refined Insights for Informed Decision-Making

Upon ingestion, our patented Workflow™ application leaps into action, transforming raw data into refined insights. Set your transformation rules, and we ensure your data is ready for analysis and reporting.

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Optimize Your Data Journey

Define your schedules and fatigue thresholds, and we manage the intricacies. This ensures timely execution of your data workflows, preventing fatigue-related inaccuracies and guaranteeing a consistent flow of valuable and actionable insights.

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InMoment helped us navigate our fatigue rules using the Workflow tool. The creative solution allowed us to preserve our existing process while maximizing feedback from customers. As a result of Workflow, we were able to quickly and efficiently solve technical problems.

Nicola Legge, Bank of New Zealand’s Market Research Director

Retrieve Insights with Ease

Once your data is refined and transformed, define extraction rules effortlessly. Whether you’re pulling reports in a flat file or leveraging API capabilities, our platform empowers you to extract valuable information in the format that suits your analysis and reporting needs.

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Tailored Data Permissions for Controlled Access

Establish robust program permissions by defining data security policies at the point of connection. Craft policies that seamlessly configure row-level security for downstream assets, guaranteeing that data visibility aligns with specific groups or individuals.

Worry Less, Get More Insights

InMoment operates within a secure cloud environment, safeguarding information through over 20 stringent ISO 27001-based security policies. We prioritize not only data safety but also uncompromised insights, ensuring end-to-end security for information transmitted from clients.

See ROI in Half the Time

InMoment’s integrated CX approach increases customer lifetime value and bottom line performance in just 12 months, significantly faster than the industry average of 25 months!

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