Digital Experience

From Digital Feedback to Revenue and Loyalty

Enhance the digital journey experience, resolving friction points and measuring key factors like ease, satisfaction, and loyalty.

Deliver Better Online Experiences, Create Higher Customer Lifetime Value

Increase Site Conversion & Adoption Rates
Identify & Fix Operational Bottlenecks
Connect the Dots with Online Behavioral Data
Create a Customer-Centric Digital Strategy
Integrated CX

Complete Your VoC with Digital Listening

Go beyond traditional email surveys to figure out not only why online visitors visit your site, but understand why they leave without making a purchase or completing an action. With a holistic Voice of Customer strategy, remedy friction points and optimize your digital experience to increase online sales.

Digital intercepts

Targeted Listening for Digital Insights

Highly customizable web surveys ensure listening happens at the most critical moments in your customer’s digital journey. From simple “always-on” feedback or via targeted, custom triggers – you can hear from high-value or hard-to-reach customers using JavaScript variables, cookies, url parameters, or DOM elements. If it’s on your site – we can capture it.

Ease, Satisfaction, and Loyalty at the Moments that Matter

Implement the product updates with maximum business impact that increase customer satisfaction, product usage, and revenue growth.


Fast Feedback, No Disruption

Low-friction microsurveys meet customers where they are:  in-app, mobile, SMS, or of course, email. Microsurveys are critical for digital product teams to stay agile with a solution that’s easy to install, configure, and start delivering insights!

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Session replay

Connect the Dots with Pre-Purchase Behavioral Data

Enrich feedback with web interaction data to understand how customers navigate your site before making a purchase decision. Pair insights with root cause analysis to identify digital bottlenecks, fix issues that prevent a transaction, and improve conversion rates. Through partnerships with leading session-replay platforms, we help you understand the journey customers take on your site before they make a purchase (or don’t).

Text analytics

Understand the Why Behind the Score

Quickly identify where to focus improvement efforts with an award-winning NLP engine. Text analytics categorizes the sentiment of every topic in each comment response and instantly analyzes volumes of unstructured data using the trends that matter most in your industry.

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Text analytics

Synthesize Digital Data for Actionable Insights

As the only CX solution provider with in-house Large Language Model (LLM) technologies, we deploy NLP and AI to make sense of every byte of digital experience data. InMoment AI’s Smart Summary transforms hundreds of pieces of feedback into easily consumable paragraphs to surface the most important topics and trends.

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Text analytics

Quantify Digital Initiatives with Expansive Integrations

Accelerate digital CX by triggering surveys from your systems of record, then feed that data back to close the loop with customers in real-time in those systems your stakeholders use everyday.

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Elevate your digital CX strategy with analytics that inform and guide decisive actions.

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See ROI in Half the Time

InMoment’s integrated CX approach increases customer lifetime value and bottom line performance in just 12 months, significantly faster than the industry average of 25 months!

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