A Unified View of the Customer Journey Drives Experience Improvement Across Functions

Thousands of employers across all industries use Glassdoor to help them recruit and hire quality candidates.

Glassdoor turned to Inmoment technology for a unified view of employer experience. Glassdoor monitors and improves the entire customer journey using microsurveys to capture sentiment at moments that matter. Integration with Salesforce enables front line teams to close the loop with customers in real-time. Advanced text and sentiment analytics empower Glassdoor teams to analyze feedback, and customized dashboards ensure that each team can quickly see what is important to them and prioritize improvement efforts.

“The InMoment platform allows our Support team to segment feedback by agent and other relevant business drivers to uncover insights that help us optimize our support experience, and it can also reveal bottlenecks that are best addressed by improving product features or design.” – Glassdoor

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