Revolutionary 'Text Your Choice' Initiative drives $1.7m reduction in cost to serve

Australia Post knew that it had to improve the customer experience of parcel delivery services. Disruptive technology driven by companies like Amazon and Uber has raised expectations for friction-less service, whilst the growth of eCommerce has driven a rapid expansion in parcel deliveries. A customer experience review of the end to end parcel delivery experience was undertaken and delivered a journey map, “Deliveries That Make You Smile.” The PDET team was chartered to implement and manage projects that would deliver on this inspirational customer journey.

Key to improving the journey was the ‘Text Your Choice’ initiative. It originated from an outbound call centre making calls after delivery to see if customers wanted options other than “collect at post office.” While the customers didn’t choose other options, they really liked being given a choice. The resulting service established an innovative method for 2-way communication with parcel receivers in real time via text message. This greatly improved the response rate of customers choosing how they wanted their parcels delivered.

  • $1.7m in operational cost reduction
  • NPS increase of 27%
  • 91% first time parcel delivery
  • Project pay back in Year 0
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