Lexalytics Has Joined Forces With InMoment To Translate Unstructured Feedback Sources Into Profitable Business Decisions

Who Is Lexalytics?

Since 2003, Lexalytics has been the leader and pioneer in structured and unstructured analytics —translating text into profitable decisions. Their expertise focuses on delivering natural language processing (NLP) and machine-learning (ML) solutions for the world’s most customer-centric brands.


Why Join Forces?

Superior text and unstructured data analytics is core to the future of feedback. Together, we can offer our customers even more intelligence that includes the ability to handle social, call centre, chat, reviews, and other types of structured and unstructured data, advanced and robust machine learning models with context provided by industry, and the ability to deploy text analytics on premise for sensitive data.

Why Is This So Important?

Because more than 80% of data available to businesses is unstructured—received through social, call centre, chat logs, staff feedback etc.—there is a massive amount of intelligence and value in that data that isn’t being used. Hidden in these feedback sources lies the secret to understanding emerging themes and trends that help brands improve experiences for customers and employees—and ultimately quantify the impact of their business decisions.

How Does This Combination Benefit You?

The combination of InMoment and Lexalytics unlocks exciting new opportunities for social media monitoring, people analytics and voice of the employee, reputation management and voice of the customer, and regulatory compliance programs.

Together, InMoment solutions can be implemented in more industries than any other provider—with native text analytics across 24 languages—and offers tremendous flexibility to organisations that require private, public, or hybrid cloud text analytics infrastructures.

Why Now?


Market Movement

According to the Gartner Market Guide, COVID-19 has further propelled the market for text analytics where there is a need to analyse research from all over the world and across different languages.


Growing Demand

There has been a growing demand for natural language processing (NLP) and text analytics technologies as organisations increasingly evaluate consumer sentiment and brand perception.


Customer Necessity

Improving experiences, not just managing them, is why InMoment exists! Understanding where to focus is the really hard part—and it’s central to our customers’ success.

With Lexalytics, we bring together the most powerful structured and unstructured data analytics engines with our award-winning XI Platform to give companies the unique capability to mine feedback with unprecedented clarity and go beyond surveys to meet their customers and employees where they are—with deeper understanding of their journey, emotion, intention, and the effort associated with an experience. We’re excited to welcome the extraordinarily talented Lexalytics team to InMoment.”

Andrew Joiner, CEO at InMoment

Lexalytics is all about helping customers discover more meaningful intelligence in structured and unstructured data sources to help them drive more informed business decisions. By joining InMoment we have the remarkable opportunity to push additional innovative solutions and transformative expertise to our customers around the globe.”

Jeff Catlin, CEO at Lexalytics

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