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InMoment Announces Commitment to Global Inclusion Movement, Joins The Valuable 500

—Company promotes new technology, physical and digital experience design changes to help employees and clients deliver greater inclusivity for disabled customer groups

LONDON (28th July 2020)—InMoment®, the leading provider of Experience Intelligence (XI)™, has joined The Valuable 500 and commits to putting disability inclusion on their business leadership agenda to promote greater inclusivity for disabled groups.

The Valuable 500 is a global business to business initiative catalysing the influence of large global private sector corporations. Launched on the main stage at the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting in January 2019, hundreds of leading companies have since pledged to join The Valuable 500.

“As the world’s most innovative CX solution provider, I believe that it is our role to seriously address diversity and inclusion. At InMoment, we are committed to not only building a diverse and inclusive working environment, but also to raising awareness with our clients about the importance of creating inclusive customer journeys,” said Andrew Joiner, CEO at InMoment. “We are proud to be a part of The Valuable 500 network and their objective to make a tangible change.”

“Understanding your customer’s journey and ensuring everyone has access to the services you offer is not simply a nice to have, but essential in ensuring any business can reach its full potential. We are thrilled to have InMoment join the Valuable 500 group. Technology will be essential in ensuring full inclusion going forward, and InMoment have pledged to ensure the technology is there for everyone to have their say,” said Caroline Casey, Founder, The Valuable 500.

Inclusivity and accessibility are not only subjects for the HR team, but increasingly becoming critical when designing customer experiences. Yet there is still much work which needs to be done in this space to ensure equal opportunities for people with disabilities across society. The World Bank Group estimates that over 1.3 billion people across the world live with some form of disability. According to the Global Economics of Disability Report this group with their family and friends has a spending power of $8 trillion. Yet, only 4% of businesses are focused on making offerings inclusive of disability.

InMoment now commits to:

  1. Provide the technology that allows clients to collect feedback from individuals whose opinions and feelings otherwise risk being excluded.
  2. Advise clients on how to design physical and digital experiences for their customers, partners and employees with inclusion in mind.
  3. Add inclusion and diversity to the board meeting agenda with steps for improvements that will be actioned within the next three months following each meeting.
  4. Invest and build a diverse and inclusive working environment with accessible workspace, and also by listening to InMoment’s employees and create and adjust guiding policies based on that feedback.
  5. Raise the skill sets and knowledge of InMoment’s employees to understand all forms of ability and support the role they play in creating inclusive environments.

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