InMoment Launches New XI Platform Innovations Including Interactive WhatsApp Surveys 

  • InMoment has launched conversational Whatsapp surveys as part of the latest wave of enhancements to the Experience Improvement (XI) platform.
  • The new feature allows businesses to engage with customers in real-time via interactive Whatsapp surveys, in multiple languages.
  • Organisations leveraging Whatsapp surveys can now reach customers on their preferred channel, resulting in more actionable insights

Auckland, New Zealand (23 November 2023) — InMoment®, the leading provider of Experience Improvement (XI)™ solutions, has released conversational Whatsapp surveys in the XI Platform. This innovation is carefully designed with international customers in mind, aiming to provide businesses in Asia Pacific and beyond with the tools they need to unlock stronger customer signals, discover richer insights, and take smarter actions that lead to improved experiences and greater ROI.

InMoment’s conversational Whatsapp surveys allow businesses to gather customer feedback in creative new ways. This feature facilitates real-time, interactive communication with customers by deploying engaging surveys via API or triggering them directly through systems such as Salesforce and Zendesk. 

Whatsapp surveys complement SMS, in-app (web or mobile) and traditional survey feedback functionalities to allow businesses to  easily reach more stakeholders at the right time along the customer journey, in the right context, on their preferred channel. Businesses can also deploy Whatsapp surveys in the right language for each of their audiences, allowing brands to send surveys and collect feedback from users in different countries and languages. 

“We are continually innovating and investing in our technology to help you unlock stronger customer signals, find richer insights, and take smarter actions that improve experiences and generate ROI,” said David Blakers, Managing Director APAC at InMoment. “With this capability, companies can now connect with audiences in different languages and countries in a more immediate manner, which strengthens the quality of insights that lead to measurable business outcomes”

InMoment remains committed to helping organisations in the Asia Pacific region and beyond deliver exceptional customer experiences. These enhancements underscore InMoment’s dedication to providing the latest tools and technologies to drive customer-centric initiatives.

To learn more about the latest product enhancements, please visit our website or read the full release notes.

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