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InMoment Research Reveals Brands Should Prioritize Empathy and Emotion to Improve Customer and Employee Connection

— Business strategy shifts needed due to COVID-19; accelerating digital, pivoting delivery channels, different communications and tone required to build trust

LONDON, (September 3, 2020)—InMoment®, the leading provider of Experience Intelligence (XI)™, announces an exclusive European-wide report analysing the long-lasting impacts on customer experience (CX) and employee experience (EX) as Europe emerges from the pandemic. The report is available for immediate download by brand leaders and customer and employee experience professionals.

Analysis of the data collected through the research reveals how different industries were impacted, how they responded, and which changes may be here to stay. It revealed the critical need for the right kind of digital strategy, key product or service delivery channels moving forward, and communication approaches that may build heightened trust with customers and employees moving forward.

41 percent of leaders interviewed believe they will be in a better position in 12 months compared with their pre-COVID position. Even though CX and EX were already high on the agenda of the C-Suite, they will become even more important in future. 58 percent of respondents believe listening to and acting on customer feedback will be more important in the future.

The study asked CX and EX professionals these simple questions:

  1. What actions did you take in response to the impact COVID-19 had on your company?
  2. What does this mean for customer and employee experiences at your company?
  3. What is the outlook for your company in 12 months?

“We have seen amazing responses by brands in the past six months, showing deep care for their customers and employees. Lessons all of us can apply to address the new needs and expectations of customers and employees alike,” said Jeremy Griffiths, head of CX consulting and insights at InMoment. “Brands that feel positive about the future have adapted quickly, served primary needs first, executed an optimised digital strategy, adapted listening channels, communications, and policies.”

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