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InMoment Helps Discount Tire Pioneer Innovative Customer Engagement Processes to Thrive in the ‘New Normal’ Retail Environment

US mega retailer uses customer data to launch new ways to interact with customers

SALT LAKE CITY (August 11, 2020)—Discount Tire®, the largest independent tire and wheel retailer in the US, has partnered with InMoment® to rapidly launch new ways to transact business and grow revenue that also meet new customer expectations.

With COVID-19 wreaking havoc on the retail industry, Discount Tire has launched several innovative business processes that comply with social distancing while maintaining customer trust and loyalty. The retailer quickly moved forward with online ordering, creating a streamlined process allowing customers to pay online and be greeted through curb-side check-in, maintaining social distancing measures.

Even further, customers have the option to remain in their cars while their car service is happening. Discount Tire views these innovative approaches as a “new normal” beyond COVID-19 and a future-proof way for customers to have the most convenience and safety in the years to come.

Discount Tire has been watching customer feedback daily to spot opportunities to better meet customer expectations. The data from InMoment identified that one of Discount Tire’s greatest opportunities for improvement was a focus on customer wait times. Customer feedback data reveal that communication, accuracy, and transparency were the most important factors for building customer trust. This key metric correlates with return visits, which is an important element of a service-oriented business.

Discount Tire and InMoment are examining non-survey and operational data alongside customer feedback to create additional strategies the company can use post COVID-19 to impact customer loyalty and company goals.

“We have always been a customer-centric company, but recent changes in retail have caused a need to drive new customer engagement models across our business,” said Mike Bolland, Director of Omni Channel Customer Insights and Experience at Discount Tire. “As consumer expectations of our retail experience have been rapidly changing, we’ve needed to rely on daily customer feedback to offer smart ideas to the company. InMoment understands how to help us put customers first and adapt our delivery experience to drive better business performance.”

“When companies like Discount Tire find ways to focus on their customers, it results in a better experience for all and improved business results are the outcome,” said Eric Smuda, Principal, XI Strategy and Enablement at InMoment. “Discount Tire truly values the perspective of its customers and develops lasting strategies to meet their needs, taking real action to see those plans through.”

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