Data Exploration

Instant answers to every question.

Having the right data—and being able to make sense of it—can both cut costs and create opportunities to increase revenue.

It’s literally impossible to quantify the value of what Data Exploration can do. Even a team of analysts working full time could not accomplish this feat.”

Our Unique Approach to Experience Improvement

Anomaly Detection & Alerting

Always-On Analyst

The XI Platform constantly combs through your data to detect and alert on patterns, trends, and anomalies as they occur. Every alert provides an opportunity to replicate the good—or troubleshoot the bad before it turns into a brand crisis.


Robust Unstructured Data Analysis

Sift through mountains of experience data, such as web and voice feedback, social comments and reviews, and photos and videos to answer emerging questions and inform timely and relevant decisions.

A/B Testing

Measure the Impact of Change

From product launches to new servicing motions, monitor new initiatives and compare time periods, regions, or specific locations so you know what’s working—and what needs to go back to the drawing board.

Customer Story

Rescuing Revenue at Risk

A financial services and investment company was alerted to high-net-worth individuals mentioning frustration with newly introduced hidden fees. Upon being alerted, the company was able to immediately revisit its fee policy and reach out to individual customers, saving millions in potential churn.

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Discover Relationships in Your Data

Proving a link between experience data and financial outcomes can be difficult—but it’s critical to understand. Whether it’s acquisition, growth, retention, or reducing cost-to-serve you’re after, our experts help connect the data and measure impact every step of the way.

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See ROI in Half the Time

InMoment’s integrated CX approach increases customer lifetime value and bottom line performance in just 12 months, significantly faster than the industry average of 25 months!

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