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Keep Citizens at the Centre of Policy and Service

Government entities across New Zealand are known to be hyper-conscious when it comes to investing taxpayer dollars, effectively helping citizens and delivering services with ease. Whether navigating the healthcare system for the first time or trying to resolve a tax question, these are the moments that deeply matter to citizens. With each interaction, government agencies have the opportunity to build trust, reduce costs and provide excellent citizen experiences.

Exceed Citizen Expectations with InMoment

Whether you are serving taxpayers, military personnel, students or teachers, InMoment helps you listen, understand and improve the moments that matter to each individual citizen. Using InMoment technology and services you have access to the only big-data experience platform for government and the latest best practices -meaning all citizen data can be central and secure in one place.

Personalise to Provide Service that Exceeds Expectations

Analyse and Take Action on Citizen Feedback

Protect Taxpayer Dollars Every Step of the Way

Citizen Data is 100% Secure

InMoment is recognised by the highest level of Government security standards. Our Experience Improvement XI solution is used by government entities and agencies across Australia and New Zealand.

Government Ecosystem

From local councils to district health boards, InMoment helps government entities provide better citizen experiences across the government ecosystem.

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